A Question For You All To Ponder

Posted on September 1, 2011

Think back to your favorite NCSY Rabbi or a great Hebrew school teacher and let’s assume you have fond memories of that teacher, Rabbi, or NCSY advisor.

Now, next step… you may even have a vision or a recollection of some great teaching and learning moment with that teacher or Rabbi.

Next step… picture that Torah moment with that Rabbi or advisor and now try to remember what exactly was being discussed with them.

Here is what sometimes happens: You remember the moment and the feelings you have about that person/moment, yet you cannot clearly remember what on earth you were learning about! Happens all the time. You remember the Rabbi, the place, the feelings, and you know it was important. You can see the whole thing except the content of the Torah at that special moment.

Why does this happen? Is this bad news or good news? Why do I have amazing memories and feelings about my favorite Rabbis even though I cannot remember what they were saying at that golden moment? Any thoughts on the matter? Hey guys this is important for you to help me figure out because I find myself on the other side of this sometimes! An NCSYer reminds me about some special Havdalah from 15 years ago and they describe the whole thing and the feelings etc. but they cannot remember what we actually said at that Havdalah!! What does this all mean? Any thoughts?