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Greater Washington NCSY is proud to be pioneering a new initiative under the JTED banner. The program will empower the teens of our community by giving them the platform to develop important skills such as: public speaking, developing a coherent session, and sharpening their research, creativity and analytical abilities, all within a positive Jewish framework.


JTED represents the natural evolution of our popular Latte and Learning program. As a weekly social gathering Latte is a fun experience for all – but the time has come to raise it to the next level. JTED aims to create a framework for teens to take the leadership limelight and be empowered to create and transmit Torah presentations of their own. This unique peer-to-peer approach will comprise of a support network and educational assistance and mentoring, giving aspiring leadership teens access to the resources they need to improve their research skills, and public speaking and presentation skills – while giving their friends the opportunity to learn about their Jewish heritage and profound Jewish wisdom, from a fresh, contemporary perspective.


Fill out an application for the opportunity to participate in this exciting new program. fifteen applicants will selected and will have the opportunity to present a ‘JTED Session’ to their peers, in either Potomac or Silver Spring.

Upon acceptance you will be required to be at the JTED training weekend, where you will be assigned a group and mentor, who will assist you in preparing your JTED session. Groups will meet with during the week of December 1-6 and the week of December 7-13 for video training sessions. Each participant of JTED will need to choose a date from the JTED schedule to give their session to the community.

Whilst NCSY Sessions encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, the typical NCSY Session will consist of the following:

  1. Presentation of the topic – the title

  2. Synopsis of the topic discussing the different sides of the issue – an introduction

  3. Qualifying sources that support each side – an in-depth discussion drawing on classic and contemporary Jewish sources.

  4. A possible answer, or answers, to the posed question – a conclusion

The topic presented should relate to a contemporary issue that fellow teens can readily relate to, showing the enduring relevance of the Torah to modern life.

An outline must be submitted before the weekend preceding the presentation date, and approved by a member of NCSY staff. Of course feel free to develop your outline in conjunction with NCSY Staff and Advisors, and your particular mentor. They will be happy to guide you as you prepare your topic of choice.

Although the benefits of this program will hopefully be far more valuable than monetary rewards, as a token of our appreciation for your participation, presenters who successfully meet the guidelines outlined above will be eligible for a cash incentive up to $50 for a regular presentation, with additional amounts possible should the presenter use additional creative methods for his or her presentation (multimedia, video, song, etc.)

Fill out the form below to apply.